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Battlefield Play4Free

Battlefield Play4Free includes contents from both Battlefield 2 as well as Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The game has a leveling system, in-game shop and gameplay customization, similar to Battlefield Heroes. The game supports up to 32-player battles. Players are chosen to play as Russia or the United States.

Customization features at the start of registration include skin, hair color, hairstyle, and facial hair features.

Maps included in Battlefield Play4Free are essentially updates of classics seen in Battlefield 2, such as Strike at Karkand and Gulf of Oman. Players will have access to up to 16 vehicles, such as helicopters, fighter jets and tanks, varying from map to map. The upgraded Oman map from Battlefield 2 was launched on January 29, 2011. Sharqi Peninsula was released on April 4th when the game launched into open beta. The fourth Battlefield Play4Free map, Basra, was released on June 9th and the 5th map, DragonValley, was released August 10th, 2011. Various game elements such as motion blur and a gameplay style upgrade were added due to the new modified Refractor engine.

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