Working on a New Website!!!

I know the Clan has been very dormant for the last year or 2, mostly as my gaming has been as well. But it's difficult to game when your Gaming Rig dies. And supporting a family of 5 on a single income, the thought of gaming or even the dreams of once again owning a sweet gaming rig have died as well.

But, out of the ashes will rise a new found love for all gaming goodness!

I'm going to do some research into the new gaming community that exists, as I think X-fire that the last iteration of the website was built on, is also all but dead. But we all expected that when mtv bought x-fire. I hope to build a new site soon & bring with it a new love for gaming. The greatest thing to happen to gaming, specially in this economic state we're all in - FREE2PLAY Games!!!

I'm going to start putting more emphasis on Mobile Gaming, F2P/P4F Gaming, some console, & of course the hard-core gaming this Clan was originally built on.

Please contact me & let me know if you're still interested in being part of the Clan =UniSol= Brotherhood of 14 years.

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